FIRST PRIZE                                   NEW! Sculpture
                    Outstanding Artisan                                 3 Bird Ball Rocker
                     Fairport Canal Days                       
                            Fairport, New York


                                                                  Ball Rockers
                                                   Stand about 5 foot tall and spin
                                          360 degrees, up to a 50 mile an hour the wind!
                                                Many adorable styles to choose from!


                  Balancing Pets                              Mushrooms and Magpies
                Adorable garden sculptures;                            Ants on Mushrooms, Frogs on Mushrooms
               Vultures, Owls, DoDo Birds,                                  and Adorable Magpie with Umbrella.
                    Toucans and Roosters.


                        Standing Birds                                        NEW Sculpture
       Pelicans, Herons, Flamingos, and Peacocks                               Mommy and Baby Bird


              NEW Sculpture                                   "Robyn's Garden Stamp"
                    "Miss Sunshine"                                                       All of our garden sculptures 
                 Yellow Hummingbird                                                   designs carry our exclusive
                                                                                                         "copy right stamp"

                                    FREE Custom Painting

                                    You can also have your garden sculpture hand-painted
                                                     by Robyn at no additional cost!
                                      Just specify your color selection (2-3 colors) in the 
                                          instruction box on the order form at check out,
                                                     or you can email us directly at: 

                                                 On-Line Gifts
                          If this sculpture is a gift, please indicate this in the instruction box at check-out,
                                     so that we will not enclose the invoice with the shipment.
                                            We can also provide a gift card in the shipment.
                 Please specify what you would like the card to say within the instruction box at check-out.


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